Chief Executive Officer


Escape Media Productions ltd is a film, tv, music, event, festival and other Media Productions company. we are seeking to open an office between St Asaph North Wales and Chester, Cheshire.

We have a number of Productions:- TV, film and events to be funded and promoted. We are seeking to start the company off with a new CEO, who although initially will be under a voluntary role, this will be until we manage to secure investments, brand or partners to help support us.

So should the CEO bring with them a number of contacts that would assist with building not just their team, but an investor or any of the above supported financial support, the voluntary status will change to a salary.

Also the right person should be experienced with in the film,tv, music and media industry, and it does not matter if you have been a CFO, COO. if you can build E.M.P to be on level with WB, Lionsgate and all the other major brands.

WE do have a number of technologies that are next gen for E.M.P and sister company Peel & Stick Productions LLC. to use.

This role will offer a stake in the business should you be successful. Working from home to start with.

if you can bring investors then fantastic.

please remember like all vacancies currently this is based commission earnings, gained through investments

look forward to hearing from you soon

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Chief Marketing Officer

This roles is available. 

please get in touch if you want to know more

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Array of Vacancies

We have a number of vacancies, but all currently voluntary if only for a short time until we get a financial injection.